Christiann and Erin have known each other for over a decade and are chasing their dreams together. They met in Typography class in their freshman year of college and their lives have been intertwined, like ivy vines, ever since. They've gone through portfolio prep, finals, graduation, getting hired at the same company & staying there for 9 years, weddings, traveling, babies, fights, loss, heart ache, and now joy - with building Vivid Ivy Creative. Designing together has been their constant connection. Erin and Christiann are both passionate about creating and continuing to challenge each other in ways to be better every day.  Friends who design together stick together.

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Christiann has been working in this industry for over 12 years and finds pure happiness in what she does. Branding has always been her passion but when she’s not designing, you will find her with her three kiddos. They love packing up their RV and hitting the road to explore whenever they get the chance. Christiann considers herself a pop culture nerd and her and her kids are both avid collectors and movie enthusiasts. She’s also a singer and musician and finds the voice of her soul in song. Erin can vouch for that amazing voice, as she is always singing. As a small business owner in a world full of big fish, she loves helping other small businesses stand out among the sharks. 

Erin is a senior graphic designer with years of experience in package design, print campaigns, collateral pieces, photoshoots, light videography/editing, screen printing, and web layout. She is a mountain wanderer, music lover, and enjoys making people laugh. She is married to a fellow designer and has a wonderful step son, dog, and cat. She is an entrepreneur at heart and is also a co-owner of an online vintage shop with her bff. Her favorite band is the Avett Brothers and favorite place is the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Passionate about carving her own path as a small business owner, she is thrilled to help others in their journeys by creating amazing visuals for their brands.


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Denver & Dani

Our dogs are best buds. Both rescue mutts that are the best little spoons, have the sweetest eyes, and honestly the cheapest therapist we've ever encountered. Employees of the month furever.

Erin + Denver / Christiann + Dani 


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